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A conference of policy makers and leaders will soon meet to discuss the status of the Three gorges Dam Project on the Yangtse River. In groups of two, your task is to prepare a briefing for this group in which you outline all sides of the issue. Your boss at the United States Department of State has called you into her office to say:

"There's a dam being build in China that is supposed to be the biggest in the world. We need a policy briefing about this project to present at the upcoming conference. It will need to include the following items:

  • Brief background about the project and the area including the rationale for the dam
  • Current status of the building project
  • Effects and projected effects on local people, the environment, commerce and archeological sites in the region
  • Perspectives from the Chinese government as well as those of environmental groups, engineering experts and other interested parties
  • A selection of photos and other support materials, such as maps or diagrams, that might be used to clarify the issues for the attendees."

You will deliver a 1,000-word report that will include narrative on the issues along with appropriate illustrations, quotes, and reference citations as well as a 15-minute oral briefing using a PowerPoint presentation where one participant will present the story from the Chinese viewpoint and one will present a summary from an international perspective.

For more information about the subject refer to "The Issues" page.

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